HOME A-LONZO  After spoofing Charlie Brown's Christmas in 2016 with Carmelo Anthony, I wanted to follow it up with another holiday spoof. Home Alone and the Ball family were the perfect fit. We worked for two months on this project from ideation, script, voice overs, animatics and animation before publishing on Christmas Day. 
Created by: Dan Worthington, Written and Directed by: Dan Worthington and Shakir Standley, Animation: Six Point Harness.

NBA STAR WARS STOP MOTION  CThis was a sponsored project that was meant to preview the biggest NBA matchup of Christmas Day — the Cleveland Cavaliers vs. the Golden State Warriors. This project was turned around in just under two months time from fabrication of the dolls and costume design, to shipping items to studio in Taiwan and filming.
Created, written and directed: Dan Worthington, Action figures: Herobuilders, Filming and post-production FX: Counter656, Sound FX: BigFoote Sound

CLAYMATION DEATHMATCH  This fight was built around money and hype and we wanted to produce a piece to match that feeling. We worked on this for about a month and production went to the wire. 
Producer: Dan Worthington, Co-writers: Sam Wiles and Dan Worthington, Animation: Bunko Studios NYC, Sound Design: Max Frishberg

VIEWS FROM THE FINALS This was our social moment's team first dive into episodic animation during the 2016 NBA Finals. What started out as a single joke led us to experiment into creating episodes based on every result of the NBA Finals games. Creatively I had to write two endings to each game to be prepared for real-time publication. The experience gained here along with the relationship created with Flicker Lab allowed for our leap to creating Gridiron Heights.
Producer and head-writer: Dan Worthington, Animation: Flicker Lab

GRIDIRON HEIGHTS This was a show idea I created to help tell the real-time news, drama and hilarity of the NFL season in a weekly format. This took about two months to ideate, choose style frames, write and pilot our first episode for pitch. We teamed up with Flicker Lab in Brooklyn to create the series as well. This series won a Clio for multi-platform social media campaign in 2017. Watch all the episodes here
Creator: Dan Worthington, Showrunner: Karin Hammerberg, Head-writer: CJ Toledano, Animation: Flicker Lab

NBA FINALS BATTLE ROYALE This video was produced between the time the Cleveland Cavaliers made the NBA Finals and when the Warriors won the championship. Processes were put in place to have the final product ready to publish as soon as the NBA Finals champion was crowned in real time.  
Producer: Dan Worthington, Co-producer: Joey Merkel, Action figures: Herobuilders, Videography: Counter656
Sound Design: Big Foote

NBA PLAYOFFS BATTLE ROYALE This project was meant to be a recap of the NBA playoffs with the two teams facing off in the NBA Finals left standing. It took nearly six months to plan and create. This was published the morning of Game 1 of the NBA Finals. 
Producer: Dan Worthington, Co-producer: Joey Merkel, Action figures: Herobuilders, Videography: Counter656
Sound Design: Big Foote

DUNK DOMINATORS As a preview piece for the NBA dunk contest, we created 3D worlds around past dunks to help highlight and tell the story of these larger-than-life dunks. This video did more than 12M views across all social platforms. 
Producers: Dan Worthington & Joey Merkel, Animation: Kasper Neyman

A CARMELO ANTHONY CHRISTMAS Carmelo Anthony doesn't have a Christmas tree or an NBA championship ring. This 60-second short spoofs Charlie Brown's Christmas and Anthony's long career without winning a title. 
Producer: Dan Worthington, Co-Producer: Joey Merkel, Writers: Dan Worthington, Joey Merkel, Sam Wiles, Animation: Bunco Studios

DREAMS TO REALITY We created five of these videos to tell how the tournament can change lives forever in a matter of seconds. This was a sold campaign with SoFi. 
Producer: Dan Worthington, Video editing: Dan Worthington, Animation: North Coast Authentics

NBA FINALS JAM We used the NBA Jam video game, along with working with Tim Kitzrow, the original voice of NBA Jam to create custom VO for the project. These were produce overnight after each NBA Finals game and published the next morning.
Producers: Dan Worthington & Joey Merkel, Video FX and Design: Marcus Brown, Video editing: Dan Worthington, Voice talent: Tim Kitzrow & Dan Worthington

SUPER BOWL LEGO RECAP We worked with Brick Sports to create two separate videos for each of the potential Super Bowl winners — the New England Patriots or the Atlanta Falcons. We spent about two months from ideation stage working out the creative and planning when and how to execute when we found out who the two Super Bowl Teams would be.
Producer: Dan Worthington, Co-Producer: Joey Merkel, Videography: Brick Sports

ECF & WCF WINNERS These mixed-media animated dunks were published in real time when each of the conference finals winners were revealed. I had planned out an entire creative timeline to have one of these ready for every winner of every round of the postseason but we ended up with a much smaller flight.
Producers: Dan Worthington & Joey Merkel, Animation and video FX: Kasper Neyman, Sound Design: Max Frishberg.

NCAA TOURNAMENT MIND BLOWN We decided to recap the first week of the NCAA Tournament with a spoof of Jaden Smith's "mind-blown" video. I auditioned multiple voice actors and landed on one who nailed this. 
Producer: Dan Worthington, Writers: Dan Worthington and CJ Toledano. Video Editing: Ray Rodriguez, Voice Actor: Urban Beast

HARAMBE ON THE CAVS  After the Warriors signed Kevin Durant I thought it would be a good idea to play off the viral sensation of Harambe by having him be the Cleveland Cavaliers answer to Durant. This video was viewed more than 10 million times and reached nearly 30 million people.
Producer: Dan Worthington, Video FX: MKElite