I have worked in sports media for 16 years. I've been a writer, a designer, photographer, editor, videographer, director, producer and a meme maker. I'm still a hack learning new things each day from talented people around me. I've made countless mistakes and taken many chances. Those missteps have helped guide me where I am today. I consider myself extremely grateful for those that have taken the time to teach me and help make me better. 

I now work for BLEACHER REPORT as the senior manager of social moments. I've created an animated show about the drama and hilarity of the NFL season, a creepy Tom Brady mask and stop-motion videos using custom action figures (and no they aren't dolls) to name a few things.

My wife and my daughter are the two most important things in my life. The Notre Dame Fighting Irish and the Chicago Cubs are my only two true loves in sports. I attended four straight Notre Dame fantasy camps, and was at World Series Game 7 in 2016.

There are a large number of people in the business who have taught me, helped me, believed in me, put up with me and gave me chances in this business from the my first day of college. Dennis Coyle, Matt Nestor, Joe Nichols, Terry Lawhorn, Tom and Eunice Hutson. Stacey Creasy, Tony Scott, Lance Hanlin, Steve Blust, Steve Austin, Tom Payton, Mark Miller, George Frederick, Drew van Esselstyn, Chris D'Amico, Bill Sullivan, Robert Harrison, the Star-Ledger sports desk, the Post sports desk, Brian Gross, Janet Michaud and Greg Manifold. Doug Bernstein also found my work on social media and is one of the biggest reasons I have my opportunity at Bleacher Report today. The sports designer site run by Josh Crutchmer and Rich Boudet was a huge part of my career in design. It allowed me to see great work from people like Wayne Kamidoi, Vince Chiaramonte, Derek Simmons, Josh Penrod, Brian Gross, Chris Rukan, Sam Manchester and many, many more. My photography knowledge grew exponentially by working with Chris Faytok, Andrew Mills and Bill Perlman
(who always answered my endless questions).